YOU are created for a Purpose!

Enhance your life so you can enhance the lives of others, through a positive, encouraging, loving, accepting, atmosphere where we can each come together without the need to impress or judge others.

My mission is to always encourage you to be your best. It isn’t about your color or size, but about how you feel about yourself. My vision is for all of us to enhance our lives so we can enhance the lives of others! God created us for a purpose and let’s do our best to fulfill that purpose to our highest potential.

Find full schedule and detailed information HERE.

We all have different preferences, experiences, expectations, and goals. For this reason I gladly offer your first regular class at NO COST. You can look at the SCHEDULE and various classes HERE.

If you are a RETURNING STUDENT signing up for your next class click HERE.

If this will be your FIRST TIME signing up for a class click here: ONLINE YOGA CLASS REGISTRATION.

I tell every student who visits for the first time: you may love the studio or not, you may love the instructor or you may not. The important things to remember is not every studio and instructor are the same so try not to judge programs by those factors and most important come to class for YOUR benefit and do not compare yourself to others. The goal is to strive to be better than we were yesterday. If you would like to learn more about Mandi click HERE.

Cancelled class info/weather: ‘Business Info tab’ or click here.

Top 8 FAQ:

Q1. Where do I sign up for classes?

A1. You may select ‘schedule and class sign up’ in the menu at the top of the page or just click HERE.

Q2. What kind of classes do you offer?

A2. Current schedule is located on the same page as class sign up. Or you may click HERE.

Q3. I have not taken a yoga class before which one should I take?

A3. This is a great question we all ask at one point in time, especially when we are just starting our journey. Here is a short article for more information. click HERE

Q4. How is the studio ready for Covid-19?

A4. I have changed several cleaning procedures and kept the old ones as well. You can find more specific information HERE.

Q5. Do I have to sign up for class ahead of time? Pay ahead of time?

A5. I do ask that each student sign up for class ahead of time. There are several ways to do so. The preferred and easiest way to reserve your spot is by signing up on this website including your payment. If you prefer not to pay online you may contact me directly and let me know you are coming. Contact information can be found HERE. I do prefer students to pay ahead of time online because it is convenient for everyone and we are not sharing inanimate objects like pens and cards. However, if I know you will be attending class I am flexible in payment if I know ahead of time.

Q6. Can I show up for class if I did not sign up ahead of time?

A6. Walk-ins are welcome, however there is no guarantee class will be there or there will be room. If the class is full by students who reserved their spots ahead of time I must adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines for everyone’s safety. Occasionally there are also classes that are cancelled because of no sign ups.

Q7. What if I sign up for a class and am not able to make it?

A7. Things happen. Schedules change. It happens to all of us. I would like a notice if you are not able to make it to class so your spot can become open again. If you already paid and the class is a regular class I am more willing to offer a refund if notice is given prior to class, a minimum of 2 hours. If the class is a paint class or workshop I am unable to offer a refund because the supplies bought for workshops are non-refundable. However, I am more than willing to accommodate another date for you.

Q8. What do I wear?

A8. Wear whatever you are comfortable to move freely in. Just be mindful of clothing that may be see through or immodest to possibly distract or bother others.