Meet Mandi!


My name is Amanda, but go by Mandi.

I have been practicing yoga in my personal life for almost four years.

Honestly, my passion is to help positively influence and encourage others to improve their life by changing their perspective and focusing on the positive aspects of every day and situation.

I first began yoga because I was looking for a new physical challenge because I was getting bored with my normal regimen. I thought I wanted to tone, build more strength, and add more flexibility.

Little did I know it was going to become a new lifestyle and change my life forever.

As a christian wife and mother I do not have tons of time, but I made time for my health and physical commitments.

In time I learned how much I LOVE inversions. Any inversion was such a challenge and I was determined to conquer it. I first started with headstands, then proceeded to forearm, then handstands. It is always a work in progress and I am far from a professional.

However, the perseverance, determination, focus, and mindfulness it took to consistently practice and never give up was astounding. I had to train my mind to focus on positive encouraging thoughts to keep motivation and encouragement. This is the perspective that can change your life. When you take these values and attributes and learn to apply them to every aspect of your life you can begin to enhance your life and your thought process!

Happy practicing and please ask any questions you may ponder!

Mindful Mandi