Covid-19 Update

~Studio will be going paperless to reduce contact of inanimate objects, enhance convenience for each student, save time, and to eliminate close contact that may go against CDC social distancing guidelines.
~In every class mats will be spaced further than six feet apart to meet social distancing guidelines.
~I also ask that upon arrival each individual wash their hands before getting on the mat. Hand washing hygiene is very important and I want the safety of every individual held at highest priority. I will also be cleaning according to CDC guidelines before and after each class.
~Signing up before each class can be done through the website and via payments also to ensure your spot. I want to accommodate for each individual. While walk ins are still always welcome as long there is still available space.
~Space is limited due to enhancing distance between each mat on each side. The number of mat may vary depending on which studio room we are occupying for that particular class due to square footage and the number of individuals allotted for the space.
~Masks are welcome but not mandatory. Please bring yours mask if you would like to wear it. I will have mine before and after class but will remove mine during class. There will also be no hands on adjustments or essential oils during savasana.
~I greatly appreciate each and every one of us being mindful of our surroundings and health. Let’s continue to adhere to precaution guidelines as we strive to also reach our fitness goals and continue to grow in our practice.
~I will continue to update information here as new details and information becomes available.