A few ways stress can affect your body:

~Stress can be a hormonal response.
~Women appear more susceptible to stress than men.
~Stress can create anxiety with constant worrying.
~Stress can increase your body temp. and make you feel hot.
~Stress can cause problems with your digestion.
~Stress can affect your appetite and thinking process.
~Stress can lead to depression.
~On going stress can increase your chances for unbalanced mental health.
~Stress can cause insomnia or excessive tiredness.
~Stress can aid in sickness by decreasing the effectiveness of your immune system in various ways.
~Stress can create headaches.
~Stress can cause weight gain.
~Stress continually can cause issues for the heart.

Check out my post tomorrow for ways to reduce stress 😉

Top 5 Weight Loss Posses:


~Warrior II

~Warrior III


~Downward Facing Dog

Watch for a video tomorrow for weight loss and incorporating and explaining alignment with these 5 poses on YouTube.

Whatever hour goals are just start with Day 1 and show up every day to do YOUR best for THAT day with no comparisons to others or negative judgments on yourself!

You got this!!!

Sub Alert

From February 17-28 I am filling in at Anytime Fitness Goshen. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday both weeks at 10am.

Location is convenient and clean. Very nice place. First class is free to check out and any drop in class after is only $7.

Beginner Yoga

Join this beginner class to learn alignment and cues to get the most from your movement.
Proper alignment aids in deepening postures to enhance strength and flexibility.
Don’t be shy come join the fun 😉
We all begin our journey the same way – one step at a time!

Contact me via email, text, or FB via link below. Other contact info found under ‘contact’ tab.

Mini Me Animal Yoga

The first class went great! Already planning new big things for the next one. As of now this class will be held monthly and if it continues to grow may possibly move to biweekly.
Here are two links to two different times. Both of these classes are the same day just different times.

Button below to sign up via FB.
May contact me directly if you prefer or do not have FB.

****The above ‘buy now’ button is for the 1030am class.****

Button below to sign up via FB.
May contact me directly if you prefer or do not have FB.

****The above ‘buy now’ button is for the 1p class.****

January 2020 Half Off Special

Half off Private Lessons!

Yes that means for the month of January pay only $10 for a private lesson!

Reasons to book a private lesson:

~You are a beginner and want to learn before attending a group class. ~You want to learn specific movement or poses. ~You want to work on a target area privately.
~You prefer a quieter setting where there can be more questions, alignment and cues, questions, etc. ~Simply because you want to. 😉

Contact me for more information, questions, and to book your private lesson before the end of the month. See you soon!

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