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Join Mandi’s Team!

Mindful Mandi is looking for unique and highly qualified Certified Fitness Instructors to join the team when we open at the new location.


*outgoing, positive, encouraging, unique attitude and personality

*Certified Fitness Instructor

*Already have or willing to get liability insurance.

*Lives near or willing to travel to Goshen for classes.

*Willing to set a regular schedule of classes. This can be as much or as little as you desire as long as it is a consistent schedule.

If this sounds like a great opportunity you’d like to take advantage of then contact Mandi. You may email your information (preferably resume) to

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WSBT Interview!

An exciting opportunity July 15th with a news interview! Aired Saturday July 18th!
Find it at under β€˜local’. Here are a few screenshots and a link! πŸ€—

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Live with assurance not fear!

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A few ways stress can affect your body:

~Stress can be a hormonal response.
~Women appear more susceptible to stress than men.
~Stress can create anxiety with constant worrying.
~Stress can increase your body temp. and make you feel hot.
~Stress can cause problems with your digestion.
~Stress can affect your appetite and thinking process.
~Stress can lead to depression.
~On going stress can increase your chances for unbalanced mental health.
~Stress can cause insomnia or excessive tiredness.
~Stress can aid in sickness by decreasing the effectiveness of your immune system in various ways.
~Stress can create headaches.
~Stress can cause weight gain.
~Stress continually can cause issues for the heart.

Check out my post tomorrow for ways to reduce stress πŸ˜‰

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Top 5 Weight Loss Posses:


~Warrior II

~Warrior III


~Downward Facing Dog

Watch for a video tomorrow for weight loss and incorporating and explaining alignment with these 5 poses on YouTube.

Whatever hour goals are just start with Day 1 and show up every day to do YOUR best for THAT day with no comparisons to others or negative judgments on yourself!

You got this!!!

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March’s Newsletter includes a promotion for half off your next class!

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March Mini Me Animal Yoga

Class fee $15 for adult and child, $5 per child after the first. Several options in drop down menu with ‘BuyNow’ button to choose the number of attendees.
Fee includes take home goody bag for each child and a small gift upon arrival for each adult and child.
Signing up and paying before the event is not mandatory. However, the gifts at the beginning of class will be distributed to those who did sign up ahead of time. I order extra hoping to have enough, but it is not guaranteed if the class is overly full.
Select Class Time
Please enter email address
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Mandi’s Holiday Giveaway

From November 18th until November 30th.

Support Local Businesses.

14 Local businesses (including myself) have donated various items for a fantastic Holiday Giveaway. The flier below shows a list of all local business participants! Visit their local store location to see what they have to offer! Each one is unique and has several awesome things to buy or do!

Several Ways to enter! Here is the flier! Good luck!

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Yoga Love
Group Photo from the first Adult & Kid yoga Class! πŸ€— January’s Class