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WSBT Interview!

An exciting opportunity July 15th with a news interview! Aired Saturday July 18th!
Find it at under ‘local’. Here are a few screenshots and a link! 🤗

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Class Descriptions

I teach several yoga classes per week.
Here is a little more information about each class.

Cardio Yoga is a full body power yoga. The movements are faster paced to increase your heart rate and ultimate calorie burn. This is a great workout to challenge yourself and increase your strength.

Yoga for stress is a slower paced relaxed class. There are several balancing poses to enhance focus and reduce stress by clearing your mind. This class ends with savasana mixed with optional essential oil rubbed on your hands and wrists. This is also a great class for beginners.

Mini Me Animal Yoga is a class for parents (or any adult) and children combo. There are not live animals. We learn and have fun together as we have an interactive story with animal poses. This class also encourages children to try and do their best everyday in their lives. Kids were created for a purpose too and have great potential. Great bonding time.

Hot yoga classes are in a smaller room with higher temps around 90-95. This class is sign up only and movements are faster paced also. All levels welcome.

Classes on the schedule titled ‘yoga’ varies on theme. Some classes focus on flexibility, some on upper body, lower body, arm balancing, and several others. They are great for beginners up to intermediate. The evening class will end with savasana and optional essential oil. Watching the website and FB will show what the theme is for a particular class.

Each class ends with an encouraging scripture, quote, poem, or words.
I want each person to leave class feeling encouraged and empowered.

I also teach a cardio dance class geared with clean hip hop music. There is no vulgar statements or curse words. See the schedule for days and times. Join this class for an active fun fat burning time!

If you have any other questions please reach out to me.

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What kind of Yoga is right for YOU?

What kind of Yoga is right for YOU?

There are many types of yoga in today’s economy.

To determine what kind of yoga is right for you needs, wants, goals, and your body you need to answer a few questions for yourself.

Am I looking for a quick fix for therapy or restorative purposes?

Do I have some specific goals I want to meet?

Am I looking for a new fitness program?

What characteristics am I looking for in a yoga class: to relieve stress, increase balance, gain more peace, etc.

If your unsure then it would seem best to try different classes.

I always tell new students or first-time yogis three things:

1: Never judge Yoga by your first class. Each class, theme, and styles are different. Same concept as if you went to a gym, hated the treadmill and decided the entire gym was ‘not for you’ and you never returned.

2: Never judge Yoga by your first teacher. There are many different kinds of teachers, personalities, experience, attitudes, and the list always continues. Some people just ‘click’ as they say. Sometimes you may join a class and you love everything about it and other times you don’t.

It’s okay to attend several classes. It’s okay to like several teachers.

This is YOUR journey, YOUR decision, land you can determine where you go and what you like.

Who wants to attend a class they hate? Not me and I am sure you don’t either.

3: Never compare yourself to others and their journey. Your day 1 may be different than someone else’s. Your goals and experience will be different too. What may be your day 1 may be their day 1000. You want to go for YOU. Don’t compare yourself to others and be in an environment you can be yourself and enjoy yourself.

Click on the link on the homepage “11 Common Types of Yoga” to gather a little bit of information.

This is not all the information about each one. The information below is a mere highlight of some of the areas.

These are just 11 different types you may come across. There is much more information about each one. This is just a mere introductory guide. Looking for new information and classes can be overwhelming sometimes.

Remember this is YOUR workout, YOUR time, and YOU get to choose. Don’t be afraid to try several kinds of classes until you find the right class for you and your body.

You may be surprised you may find more than one class you love and attend regularly.

Good luck and have fun on your new journey!

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11 Common Types of Yoga

11 Common Types of Yoga

  1. Ashtanga
    1. 6 series of specific moves that moves with breaths
    1. Hands-on adjustments
    1. Work at your own pace/advancement
    1. Very routine
    1. Great for someone who does not like a lot of change and wants to measure their advancement using the same poses and strengths
  2. Yin
    1. Slower style
    1. Postures are held for 1 minute and advances to 5 minutes or more
    1. May use a lot of props and focuses more on lower body
  3. Hatha
    1. Gentle
    1. Focuses on poses with breaths
    1. Meditation
  4. Kundalini
    1. More traditional style regarding spiritual heritage: singing & chanting
  5. Vinyasa
    1. ‘Flows’ (movements) with breath
    1. Not routine necessarily
    1. Will be moving more than being still and holding poses
    1. May use props, classes may be similar or each one different depending on teacher
    1. Great for someone who likes to mix things up and does not like constant routine
  6. Iyengar
    1. Uses props and focuses on ideal alignment with holds
    1. Great for someone who likes and pays attention to very fine details
  7. Bikram
    1. Most commonly known as Hot Yoga
    1. Mostly a series of certain poses in a sequence. (26 poses)
    1. Poses usually use two breaths each.
    1. Temperatures elevated above 92. Intensity level depends on the teacher.
    1. Not for individuals who have difficulty breathing in hot and humid environments.
    1. Great for those who love to sweat in hot and humid environments.
  8. Aerial
    1. A style with a partner.
    1. Known as anti-gravity yoga
    1. Great for someone who loves fun workouts and inversions.
    1. Can also be for couples wanting to increase trust and intimacy, but also fun for two friends to overcome fear by the anti-gravity off the ground movements.
  9. Power
    1. Roots with Ashtanga yoga
    1. May be hot temps or may be intense faster movements, this will depend on the teacher
    1. This would be good for any individual who is looking for a good workout to build strength and overall workout.
    1. Tends to be more physical and less spiritual (if any)
  10. Restorative
    1. May be temporary class for injury or recovery
    1. May be permanent for ongoing ‘off’ or ‘relax’ days to recuperate between intense workouts
    1. Classes may be focused on certain areas such as lower back, neck and shoulders, knees, etc.
    1. This class would be for individuals looking to heal or focus on strengthening a certain area.
  11. Prenatal
    1. Classes would most likely focus on stretching and movements that would not be too intense for mom or baby.
    1. Classes would focus on encouraging movement and breathing.
    1. Great for moms who are pregnant or for moms who are recovering from a pregnancy.

Re-Opening Announcement

As of May 11, 2020 I plan on opening the studio back up June 1st.
Stay tuned for any updates and upcoming monthly regular schedule.


I miss you all!!! Hopefully see you soon! God Bless!


I want to hear from YOU!


Update as of April 17, 2020

I hope everyone is staying safe and taking precautions so we can end this pandemic!
I am ready to open the studio just patiently awaiting the release from the government, state, and county to do so.
Classes and workshops will resume as soon as we are able.
Keep checking in here or Facebook for the most up to date information.
If you have any further questions please contact me via email.
Stay safe and Godbless!


Community Awareness

Due to recent restrictions and epidemic all classes are cancelled the remainder of March.

Stay safe, healthy and be mindful to follow precautions.

See you in April.

God bless!


Live with assurance not fear!