What kind of Yoga is right for YOU?

What kind of Yoga is right for YOU?

There are many types of yoga in today’s economy.

To determine what kind of yoga is right for you needs, wants, goals, and your body you need to answer a few questions for yourself.

Am I looking for a quick fix for therapy or restorative purposes?

Do I have some specific goals I want to meet?

Am I looking for a new fitness program?

What characteristics am I looking for in a yoga class: to relieve stress, increase balance, gain more peace, etc.

If your unsure then it would seem best to try different classes.

Learn some of the top 11 styles of Yoga here.

I always tell new students or first-time yogis three things:

1: Never judge Yoga by your first class. Each class, theme, and styles are different. Same concept as if you went to a gym, hated the treadmill and decided the entire gym was ‘not for you’ and you never returned.

2: Never judge Yoga by your first teacher. There are many different kinds of teachers, personalities, experience, attitudes, and the list always continues. Some people just ‘click’ as they say. Sometimes you may join a class and you love everything about it and other times you don’t.

It’s okay to attend several classes. It’s okay to like several teachers.

This is YOUR journey, YOUR decision, land you can determine where you go and what you like.

Who wants to attend a class they hate? Not me and I am sure you don’t either.

3: Never compare yourself to others and their journey. Your day 1 may be different than someone else’s. Your goals and experience will be different too. What may be your day 1 may be their day 1000. You want to go for YOU. Don’t compare yourself to others and be in an environment you can be yourself and enjoy yourself.

Click on the link on the homepage “11 Common Types of Yoga” to gather a little bit of information.

This is not all the information about each one. The information below is a mere highlight of some of the areas.

These are just 11 different types you may come across. There is much more information about each one. This is just a mere introductory guide. Looking for new information and classes can be overwhelming sometimes.

Remember this is YOUR workout, YOUR time, and YOU get to choose. Don’t be afraid to try several kinds of classes until you find the right class for you and your body.

You may be surprised you may find more than one class you love and attend regularly.

Good luck and have fun on your new journey!