Class Descriptions

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Below you will find more information about each class.

Your 15 Minutes of Yoga is A Workshop for Establishing a Customized Home Yoga Practice

What would you do if you regularly had 15 minutes to care for your body, quiet your mind, open your heart and nurture your spirit? In this workshop, we’ll explore yoga as a contemplative breathing and moving practice that can be used to this end! I’ll introduce you to ways of moving and breathing that are generally useful. You can “catch” any that feel particularly right to you & integrate them into your own 15 minute practice. It’s that simple! Over time, your 15 minute practice will become highly personalized and may vary from day to day! You’ll be able to steer what you do according to what you want to get out of it – which may be different things at different days/times. You’ll be able to use yoga as the incredibly useful tool that it is!

Benefits of yoga include:

  • Feeling amazing!
  • Calming your nervous system
  • Releasing muscular tension, stiffness and imbalance
  • Increasing mobility, flexibility & freedom of movement
  • Feeling stronger, steadier and more balanced (physically & otherwise 🙂
  • Reducing risk of injury and countering work-related repetitive strain
  • Having tools to work with pain (i.e. natural pain management)
  • Exercising your brain and honing your focus
  • Creating greater emotional equilibrium
  • Becoming  more resilient
  • Increasing your overall confidence and sense of agency
  • Increasing your overall sense of contentment, peace & well-being
  • Increasing your overall energy and stamina
  • Quieting your mind
  • Knowing how to make calm within the storm, so you can more effectively figure out who to be and what to do.

Being able to do all this for yourself takes skill, technique and practice. There’s a method to learn, a place to start & a direction to move. Come explore with me! Regular participants will learn the basics of yoga practice, learn how to modify (or omit) poses as needed for their unique situations, be able to practice on their own at home & feel confident in participating in most “led” yoga classes (whether in person or online). They will also get a sense of what they want to get out of the practice, and how they’d like to continue to develop it. (NOTE: To get these full results, you’ll need to attend more than once! Each time you come, you’ll build on what you learned previously. Keep coming until you’re pretty comfortable with everything that’s going on, feel like you “got it” & feel confident about your ability to make use of yoga in your own life!)

Your Fifteen Minutes of Yoga: Level 1: We’re going to play and explore! You’ll experience the basics of yoga movement and breath. You can see which ways of moving and breathing strike you as something you want to keep doing! Usually the feeling is something like this: “I can’t believe I’ve lived my whole life in this body without ever doing this before!” You’ll have handouts and pictures to help you keep track of the things you want to keep. These will give you a foundation on which to build, and they incorporate the foundational movements of the most common styles of yoga practiced in this country. All levels of physical ability and experience are welcome! The only requirement is that you’re able to get on and off the floor. From there, everything can be made to work! (Chair yoga is an option for those who are unable to get on/off the floor, but that needs to be a separate class.)

Your Fifteen Minutes of Yoga: Level 2:  In Level 2, we’ll start to link yoga postures together with the breath. You’ll learn some Sun Salutations and Vinyasa Flow sequences. You’ll also explore new variations of the postures you learned in Level 1. As with Level 1, resources will be provided to support you in your home practice! After spending some time working with Level 2, you’ll be in a solid position to be able to confidently follow most led yoga classes (whether in person or online). If you choose, you can then explore more complex uses of yoga – in a way that meets your needs, abilities and goals. 

How do I know which level is right for me? If you’re new to yoga, start with Level 1! Start with Level 2 if you know how to do full Sun Salutations – and also feel comfortable doing a variety of standing postures, sitting postures and reclining postures. (If you don’t know what these things are, then start with Level 1 🙂

POWER YOGA is a full body workout. The movements are faster paced to increase your heart rate and ultimate calorie burn. This is a great workout to challenge yourself and increase your strength and stamina. Some weeks we use props, resistance bands and sliders for example. Participation is only to the best of your ability and the goal is to keep moving. Cardio Yoga is held on Saturday mornings from 9am-9:45am.

YOGA FOR STRESS AND RELAXATION is a spa-type yoga class titled POSITIVELY RELAXING on the schedule. The class begins by general stretching. The class uses pillows, blankets, heated rice bags, eye pillows, aromatherapy (optional), and periodic massage of hands, wrists, forearms, forehead, neck, and temples. This class is held only on the last Friday of each month at 6pm and the last Sunday of each month at 3:30pm. This is a great class to end a long work week or a great way to end the weekend before the week begins. ‘Positively Relaxing’ is filled with self-care and relaxation

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS AND FLEXIBILITY is a class that is geared toward whole body movement for stretching that within time increases your flexibility. This class is also very educational. There are several moments during the class special focus and instruction is given for proper safety and alignment. Gaining knowledge of proper body alignment and precautions is critical to avoiding injury and practicing safely. This class is held on Saturday mornings at 7:30am.

MINI ME ANIMAL YOGA is a class for parents (or any adult) and children combo. There are not live animals. We learn and have fun together as we have an interactive story with animal poses. This class also encourages children to try and do their best everyday in their lives. Kids were created for a purpose too and have great potential. Great bonding time for children and parents. These classes are held on two Saturdays per month and have two separate times to best fit your schedule. As of 2022 this class is currently not being offered, but when a new instructor is hired it will be added back to the schedule.

HEATED YOGA classes are in a smaller room with higher temps around 85-95. This class is not suited for everyone so please ensure this is the right class for you. This class is held on several days each week. Classes are Wednesdays at 6am, Thursdays at 7:30am, or the 2nd & 4th Fridays of each month at 5:30am.

YOGA WITH PAINT is a unique and fun class. It brings out our artistic, outgoing, fun loving inner child. You will burn calories and stretch your muscles without realizing it because your enjoying yourself too much. You can schedule a regular class or a class with blacklights and glow paint. You will have a large canvas-like material as your ‘art work station’. The class will begin with a few stretches, safety and alignment cues and movements with tips and precautions. It usually does not get slippery and instructions are given to avoid this. Each participant chooses their own colors and moves on their canvas to create a one of a kind masterpiece. The canvas can be picked up within the next few days following your class. When you pick up your artwork it will remain in the size as it was in class. This enables you to cut and edit your canvas to the size and shape you desire. This class is scheduled personally by agreed upon availability. Contact me to schedule your personal class. Classes are required for a minimum of two participants and a maximum of 4. Larger groups of 6-15 can be scheduled, based on the availability of the common space for the entire building.

ZUMBA coming soon! Beginning February 2022 zumba classes will be offered on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. Zumba at Mindful Mandi is unique and offers only clean music. It is the perfect zumba class if you are looking for a safe and fun environment filled with different music. Clean music consists of music without profanity and/or inappropriate lyrics.

Each class ends with an encouraging scripture, quote, poem, or words.
I want each person to leave class feeling encouraged and empowered.

If you have any other questions please reach out to Mandi at