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Tonight August 2, 2020!
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June 2020 Schedule is subject to change. It is highly recommended to sign up for classes ahead of time due to social distancing and classes may be full upon arrival.

Reopened studio June 10th 2020.

Please see full schedule below!



Mondays and Tuesdays Closed

Wednesdays 930a-1030a Yoga on the Lawn (by the Quilt Garden). This class is sign up only.

Thursdays 530pm – 630p Cardio Dance

Thursdays 630pm-730pm Yoga For stretching, flexibility, and beginners.

Friday 7a-745a Hot yoga. This class is sign up only.

Saturdays 730am – 815am Cardio Dance

Saturday 830am – 930am Power Yoga

Sundays 330pm Yoga for Stress

Sign up for class by choosing your option from the drop down menu at top of page, then watch your email for any further information or contact me if you have any further questions.

Mini Me Animal Yoga Class.
This is an adult and kid class the third and fourth Saturday of every month.
Two available times: 10a-11a OR 1130a-1230p

$15 for one parent and one child.
$20 for one parent and two children.
Please sign up ahead of time.
This class is usually full and to ensure your spot and enough goodie bags for kids please pay ahead of time.

August’s class will be only the fourth Saturday not both the third and fourth. Studio is closed Aug. 7th – 19th.
Theme for August is ‘Down on the Farm’ .

Please register minimum of the day before the event due to social distancing and CDC requirements. I am also eliminating paperwork and touching inanimate objects and close contact so Mindful Mandi is now going paperless. You will receive an email with paperwork for your event after registering.

Mats will be paired adult with child then separated the proper distance between the other participants.

Two available times. Class is now being held two Saturdays a month due to full classes. The third and fourth Saturday of each month.

Two available classes June 20, 2020

Contact me to schedule your own Yoga with paint class or purchase your tickets at the top of the page and watch for an email to confirm your date and time.
2-5 people per class.

Price is $40 per person for all materials and for your unique, one of a kind, Canvas you may pick up the following day once it is dried.

Once classes are paid for and scheduled there is a no refund policy due to material being nonreturnable. I apologize for any inconvenience and am willing to reschedule to accommodate your schedule.

This event will have no contact and each canvas will be the proper spacing distance to ensure social distancing CDC guidelines are followed for everyone’s safety.

Yoga with Paint is fun, but this class is the next level! If you took a Yoga with Paint class and would like to enhance your movement and fun while burning calories and melting stress then this is the class for you.

Only $65 per person. One AMAZING factor about this paint is not only does it wash off easily from your skin like the regular Yoga with Paint class, but this special paint is invisible until we turn the lights off!

One requirement is to attend a regular Yoga with Paint class first to ensure safety and alignment. I want each student to not only have a fun unforgettable experience, but be safe while participating. Movement and alignment with the material and paint is top priority and joining a regular Yoga with Paint class first ensures some experience before joining the class with the lights darker.

Select your option for tickets in the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Once classes are paid for and scheduled there is a no refund policy due to material being nonreturnable. I apologize for any inconvenience and am willing to reschedule to accommodate your schedule.

I have several classes added monthly, and they are updated here and via FB as events.

I also am available to schedule private classes in the studio or take a suggested date and time with a theme of your choice.

Covid-19 Update:

~Studio will be going paperless to reduce contact of inanimate objects, enhance convenience for each student, save time, and to eliminate close contact that may go against CDC social distancing guidelines.
~In every class mats will be spaced further than six feet apart to meet social distancing guidelines.
~I also ask that upon arrival each individual wash their hands before getting on the mat. Hand washing hygiene is very important and I want the safety of every individual held at highest priority. I will also be cleaning according to CDC guidelines before and after each class.
~Signing up before each class can be done through the website and via payments also to ensure your spot. I want to accommodate for each individual. While walk ins are still always welcome as long there is still available space.
~Space is limited due to enhancing distance between each mat on each side. The number of mat may vary depending on which studio room we are occupying for that particular class due to square footage and the number of individuals allotted for the space.
~Masks are welcome but not mandatory. Please bring yours mask if you would like to wear it. I will have mine before and after class but will remove mine during class. There will also be no hands on adjustments or essential oils during savasana.
~I greatly appreciate each and every one of us being mindful of our surroundings and health. Let’s continue to adhere to precaution guidelines as we strive to also reach our fitness goals and continue to grow in our practice.
~I will continue to update information here as new details and information becomes available.

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What kind of Yoga is right for YOU?

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What kind of Yoga is right for YOU?
11 Common Types of Yoga
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Meet Mandi!


My name is Amanda, but go by Mandi.

I have been practicing yoga in my personal life for almost four years.

Honestly, my passion is to help positively influence and encourage others to improve their life by changing their perspective and focusing on the positive aspects of every day and situation.

I first began yoga because I was looking for a new physical challenge because I was getting bored with my normal regimen. I thought I wanted to tone, build more strength, and add more flexibility.

Little did I know it was going to become a new lifestyle and change my life forever.

As a christian wife and mother I do not have tons of time, but I made time for my health and physical commitments.

In time I learned how much I LOVE inversions. Any inversion was such a challenge and I was determined to conquer it. I first started with headstands, then proceeded to forearm, then handstands. It is always a work in progress and I am far from a professional.

However, the perseverance, determination, focus, and mindfulness it took to consistently practice and never give up was astounding. I had to train my mind to focus on positive encouraging thoughts to keep motivation and encouragement. This is the perspective that can change your life. When you take these values and attributes and learn to apply them to every aspect of your life you can begin to enhance your life and your thought process!

Happy practicing and please ask any questions you may ponder!

Mindful Mandi